Referrals Policy


● Referrals may be made via the website or a phone-call. Referrers may be social care agencies or private individuals....either family members or friends of the person with dementia. People can of course self refer.

● When a referrer makes an initial inquiry about the service they will be invited to complete the questionnaire on the website. This is vital in order for Dementia Active to form an initial assessment as to whether the person is likely to benefit from attending groups. It also helps the service to match people with the group most likely to suit their needs.

● On receipt of the questionnaire, a home visit can then be arranged. The purpose of the visit is to meet the person with dementia and to give them an insight into the kinds of activities and events that happen in an average session. It is also important at this stage that any worries people may have are discussed as there will most likely be solutions to these worries. 

● Some people need to have a supported start. They may attend with a friend or a family member for a couple of sessions in order to build up their confidence. On the second visit the family member might spend time away from the person - maybe chatting to others….visible but not sitting alongside. 

● If the whole four hour session is felt to be too long, new members are welcome to come initially for taster sessions and even to continue with a shorter session. This will be part of the agreement between Dementia Active, the referrer and the person with dementia.

● Dementia Active will offer clear advice as the level of support the person requires initially and the length of sessions.

● Provided that there is a vacancy in an appropriate group Dementia Active will follow up the home visit with a proposed start date and confirm the arrangements for joining the group.


● Dementia Active believes that good relationships with family members and friends are vital when supporting a person with dementia in a group.

● Dementia Active will communicate with families regularly either by email, phonecall or in person when they come to collect their relative.

● Videos of activities can be emailed in order that families and friends can share the person's experiences. 

● Dementia Active will share any concerns and will arrange a further home visit if for any reason someone is finding it difficult to settle into a group.

● Dementia Active also hopes that families and friends will feel able to raise any concerns they might have or indeed to pass on any positive feedback.

Andy Gill - 11/8/19

Review date 11/8/20