Quiet Activities

Trapped at Home

As we age it is easy to end up with an ever shrinking circle of friends. Social isolation is a recognised cause of depression in older people which unfortunately feeds into a vicious circle of withdrawal leading to more isolation, loneliness and deepening  depression.

It is not uncommon for older people to find themselves emotionally trapped in their own homes unable to summon the energy even to go out and still less to join social groups.

Family members frequently say of their relatives that they would not like to attend a group, so for this reason Dementia Active has responded by creating the opportunity for people to come along to spend time with a volunteer and just one other person.  The aim is for them to enjoy activities and conversation together in a quiet relaxing environment. People can bring their own hobbies to share and try out new things too. They will meet in a room separate to the main group but may in time choose to have lunch  with the rest of the group and also to enjoy the monthly entertainer.



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