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Standing orders give you control. Direct Debit gives you flexibility and safety

Standing orders are good for regular payments of a fixed amount. However, if you want to pay variable amounts or might need to change payment amounts then standing orders are not the most practical option.

Direct Debit lets you pay variable amounts or at varying intervals without needing to do anything more. This makes it great for paying bills where you are charged depending on what you have spent that week.

Direct Debit is the safest way to make payments in the UK. The Direct Debit Guarantee gives you a right to immediate refunds for any payments which shouldn't have been taken.

Direct Debit and GoCardless

GoCardless is the UK’s leading Direct Debit provider and is used by over 2,000 organisations. GoCardless is sponsored by RBS and is authorised by the FCA.

Switching to Direct Debit with GoCardless will save you the hassle of paying each week. You’ll be notified of any upcoming payments, and you can cancel them whenever you want. (See cancellations charges, click here). What’s more, the Direct Debit Guarantee makes this the safest way to pay.