Elder Active Club, part of Dementia Active

At Holton Village Hall

We are very happy to welcome members of the Share Care Community Club to a club with a new name - Elder Active Club. It will be run by Dementia Active, an organisation with an established track record in providing social activity groups for people who have a diagnosis of dementia. 

Starting at 11.0 am after a welcome drink and sharing of news we will organise a variety of activities including:

● reminiscence

● topical discussions

● gentle exercise

● ball/balloon games

● physically active games for those more able

● quizzes 

● dancing 

● arts and crafts 

● singing

● table games

● digital technology - laptops and iPad apps

In addition we encourage club members to bring their own interests and hobbies to share with others and we will help to facilitate this.

We will provide a buffet style lunch, with some hot snacks as well.

We aim to bring in ‘outside’ entertainment every few weeks, in the form of a singer/ magician/ bands etc., all of whom are dementia friendly.

For those with a diagnosis of dementia the session activities will last for 4 hours, after which members can be collected by friends/relatives. Our experience is that a four hour session filled with activities is long enough for most people.

For further information on Dementia Active’s activity programme for people with dementia  please see ‘Activities’. 

The Elder Active Club members are also very welcome to stay with us until we close and enjoy for instance - watching a film or playing board games.

Sessions cost £35.00 

Volunteer drivers (if available) can collect and drop off if required with an additional  £4.00 *being charged and donated to the driver.
(*see check out restrictions)