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Dementia Days Out 

We will base ‘Dementia days out’, at Holton Village hall, near Oxford every Monday, where small rotating groups will visit places in and around Oxfordshire, whilst the remaining members will continue to enjoy our indoor group activities. 

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Dementia Days Out - Specials

We have  launched  ‘Dementia days Out- Specials’  Dates will vary but we will give everyone as much notice as possible when a ‘Day Out’ is taking place. We will organise trips to historic sites, public gardens or any suitable ‘dementia friendly’ site. We will be happy to share any photos/videos of our visits.

We will pick up all the participants from their homes, using a minibus*. During this collection time we will use music and song to create a happy atmosphere, as well as games associated with travel.

On the return journey we will again use various travel friendly activities, such as ‘sing a long’ books to stimulate everyone.

We anticipate collection times will be between 10.00/ 12.00 am and drop offs between 3.30 / 4.45 pm. All carers/partners will receive a detailed email the day before with specific collection and drop off times, once routes have been planned. 

The cost will be £39.00 per member. There will only be 10 places for each day out, and for existing members only. (Due to the higher costs of this venture, all 10 places would need to be booked at least a fortnight in advance, with as much notice as possible, if a ‘booked’ member couldn’t attend for whatever reason). 

*If we can’t fill all 10 places we may use volunteer transport (cars) instead.



Our members with Lady Saye and Sele in the Great Hall, at Broughton Castle near Banbury.

Our members with Lady Saye and Sele in the Great Hall, at Broughton Castle near Banbury.

Visit To Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Dementia Days Out - Specials