Cancellation Policy

 Additional information

As a ‘Community Interest Company’ we do not need to make a profit, however we do need to break even. In response to a recent increase in the number of short notice cancellations we need to adhere to our current policy.

1/   Please try to give as much notice of a cancellation as is possible in order to help with planning etc.

2/  If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the start of a session then, unfortunately we must charge for that session. If transport is also provided and the session is cancelled on the ‘doorstep’ the transport costs will need to be charged as well.

3/  In addition, there will also need to be a charge of £15 per session to retain a place for members who are planning time away.

These measures are to ensure ‘Dementia Active’ remains viable financially for future members and to deliver the same experiences as current members receive at present.

Andrew Gill 12/3/2020